Welcome to Parenthood: Five Months

Five months have passed since my young apprentice emerged from his growth chamber, and I am most pleased with his progress thus far. While not yet able to roll over, sit up without support, or do a proper endo, Kyle’s advancement is nonetheless most impressive. Just look at these stats:

Name Kyle Abraham Johnson Level: 1 Class: Neophyte Age: 5 months
Race: Human Alignment: Chaotic Cuddly Size: Small

My Young Apprentice

STR 5 (-2) Special Abilities & Equipment
DEX 4 (-3) Enhanced Spit-up
CON 10 Improved Grab
INT 16 (+3) Infectious Giggle
WIS 15 (+2) Stinky Feet
CHA 17 (+3) Baby Blues

The physical stats may seem dismal now, but I expect them to improve rapidly. I’ve already seen significant advancement in both Strength and Dexterity after only five months. The boy’s Charisma cannot be overstated; friends, relatives and strangers alike fall under his spell, reduced to grinning, babbling fools with a mere smile.

I get chills when I think about the power those blue eyes and the soft, cooing voice have over people. With Kyle at my side — or in the Snugli — the possibilities are endless. We will rule the cul-de-sac as father and son!