4 thoughts on “Welcome to Parenthood: Laughing Boy”

  1. I hate breaking this to you.

    You are funny.

    There really is no bad side to this for many years. As your young padwan ages not only does he still think you’re funny, but he develops a sense of humor (including timing, delivery etc) and becomes … funny.

    Our Middle Broodling could’ve stayed two indefinetely. He was a hoot. But that doesn’t take away from him being a wonderful 8 yr old.

    Ahhh, kids. They change you almost as much as marriage does. Get ready for many more of these moments.

  2. I am afraid that I have to agree with Thagg, you are funny. When everyone was home at the beginning of the month and Christian came out for Grandma’s party, she couldn’t believe how funny you are. And she has met you before! She said that she just didn’t remember you being that funny. Not only that it is going to take a while before any of us are going to be able to think of you without that line from the Predator coming to mind. Not to mention your impression of Kevin Spacey impersonating Walter Matheau and Christopher Walkin auditioning for Star Wars……

  3. [Comment ID #2850 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That Predator stuff is drunk-funny, a side of me my young apprentice will hopefully not witness until he is of drinking age himself.

  4. Yes the Predator stuff is drunk-funny, but the others that were mentioned were not. And, and if you asked me, they were funnier….

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