Podcast: Planet Retcon Episode 25


Planet Retcon is a podcast featuring a mix of episodic and standalone science-fiction written and produced by Wesley “Yotto” Clifford. Every other week, a fresh, new episode is released, featuring Wesley and his stable (or perhaps harem) of voice actors. On the off weeks, listeners are treated to a short blooper reel from the previous week’s episode. The series longest-running feature is StarGate Cafe, which has been described as “Cheers meets that bar from Deep Space 9, but without the aliens.”Just now. By me.

I missed out on a chance to play one of the main characters in StarGate Cafe due to my own dogged procrastination, but Wesley gave me an opportunity to be a guest voice in the most recent episode. If you’re not already subscribed to the Planet Retcon podcast, go to the site and grab the feed. If you are, then there’s a good chance that Episode 25 has already been caught by your podcatcher. Either way, give it a listen and bask in my geeky glory.

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