Podcast: The Round Table Season 2, Episode 11


The Round Table

Part of being human (as opposed to being a cyborg sent back from the future to kill a human) is making mistakes. I’d be willing to wager that we’ve all done some things through the years that we’re not exactly proud of; things that may have seemed like a really good idea at the time but when viewed through the lens of experience are revealed as just plain stupid (or at best poorly executed).See: Howard the Duck (George Lucas), the XFL (Vince McMahon), Give Yourself a Hand (Crash Test Dummies), Scrappy Doo, and Microsoft Bob.

The most recent episode of The Round Table is — mercifully — the result of Mick Bradley, Chris Miller and myself recognizing that what we had produced after two hours of recording last Friday night was not something that we would be proud of were we to release it on an unsuspecting Internet. It would have been easy to simply ditch the episode entirely, but Chris decided to record some new content, scrape together some of the less offensive bits and release it as the final episode of season two, promising a return to the mythic focus we had earlier this year.

Chris and Mick will be attending GenCon next month, where they may or may not put together an anniversary show, but will definitely get together with several other podcasters for what has been dubbed GenCon (Almost) Live! Provided they survive the festivities, we’ll assemble sometime in August to begin season three and our ramp-up to International World Creation Month (IntWoCreMo), which we’ve scheduled for January.



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