Podcast: The Round Table, Season 3, Episode 1


The Round Table

The new season of The Round Table podcast focuses on building worlds for fiction and role-playing games. The season will consist of a series of discussions with authors, world creators and gaming enthusiasts, all leading up to International World Creation Month (IntWoCreMo for short) in January 2007.

Episode one is an introduction to the new season; Mick and Chris comment on their experiences at GenCon, we respond to listener feedback (including some discussion about Snakes on a Plane), outline our plans for the podcast in the upcoming months, and then dive right into a discussion about different approaches to world creation with guest co-host Julia.

If you haven’t listened to The Round Table in the past, this episode is an excellent opportunity to start, as it represents a reboot of sorts; an opportunity to take the show in an exciting new direction while still keeping the mythic themes that are the heart of the Harping Monkey.

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