Podcast: Fist Full of Comics (and Games)

Fist Full of Comics by The Round TableFriday night, the hosts of The Round Table donned their superhero guises to host Fist Full of Comics (and Games) as part of a crossover event currently taking place among several gaming podcasts. It seems that the wizard Weirdbeard, powerful-but-clumsy mascot of the Does My Geek Look Big in This? podcast, managed to bugger up his latest spell, which should surprise no one. The result of his mangled magick is that eleven of Weirdbeard’s favorite gaming podcasts have been jumbled together. Mick, Chris, Julia and I wound up on Fist Full of Comics, while the regular hosts of that show (including JJ “Working Man” Lanza and Victor “Tangent” Cantu) were off reviewing beer on Does My Geek Look Big in This?

The show was a lot of fun to do, and we managed to apply our trademark mythic twist on comic books and superheroes, topics we only occasionally discuss on The Round Table. The episode should appear on the regular Fist Full of Comics feed as well as the special Shaken Not Stirred feed sometime in the next week or so.