NaNoWriMo 2006, Day 01: A Rocky Start


After a long and tiring day at work, I didn’t feel much like writing when I got home. I played with Kyle for a while, talked to my sister, Brenda, on the phone, and wrote a paltry 366 words. Just before I began, I decided to give the first-person perspective a shot, something I haven’t done since my Creative Writing class in college.

My novel has a working title, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, and now my protagonist has a name: Bannister Proulx.

Yes, really.

Tomorrow will be better; you’ll see.

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  1. Chris Miller Avatar


  2. blob Avatar

    I had a rough first day, too. 835 words. :/

  3. blob Avatar

    And those were all between 12 and 1:30am.

  4. KJToo Avatar

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    This is intolerable! I’m clearly dragging you down with me, Chris.

  5. KJToo Avatar

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    Have you used the word “instantiate” yet?

  6. Rae Avatar

    obstreperous is my favourite word. You can use it if you like. You won’t even have to credit me in your foreword.

  7. Mick Avatar

    Hey, KJ, you got more words than I did on Day One.

    But I’ve decided to jump to a different scene and tonight I’ll start the full story of that bit in the VAM promo where you, as Felix, said “Holy garbanza beans! I think it’s … a woman!”

    Oh, and I’m using yWriter2, and it rocks! I’m running it from my USB stick, switching to whichever computer I’m at at any given time.

    Aw, and this comment is another 50 words I couldv’e put toward VAM: Tales from the Madness. Crap.

  8. KJToo Avatar

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    I’ve got yWriter2 installed on my thumb drive, and I’m really wishing I’d messed around with it more after installing it a month or so ago. It’s going to take a bit of work to wrap my head around yWriter’s inner workings, I think.

  9. P.G. Holyfield Avatar

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    I’m doing the exact same thing Mick. Working in yWriter2 off my usb drive on multiple systems.

    KJ, take a couple of hours to learn it (and I’m not saying that so ISBW can kick your asses even more 🙂 ). I love the scene functionality, the ability to move things around, to easily associate characters to scenes, to write out goals and conflicts… to navigate to different areas and write… if I get writers block somewhere, I already know I’m simply going to jump to another chapter and/or scene and start writing there. The reason I’m off to such a good start is that I did a lot of pre-work in yWriter and was able to jump right in at midnight yesterday and start writing.

  10. Elder, Bigger, Lil' Sis Avatar
    Elder, Bigger, Lil’ Sis

    I should have known that I would be blamed for something!

  11. blob Avatar

    I haven’t used instantiate yet, but I can assure you that I will.

  12. KJToo Avatar

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    I’m kind of getting into the groove with yWriter, but I do want to warn those using it that there’s some discrepancy between the way yWriter and NaNoWriMo website count words. At the moment, yWriter calculates 2,136 words, but when I export to text, remove the funky formatting tags and upload, NaNoWriMo says the total is 2,113.

    It’s only 23 words right now, but that’s a little more than 1% of my total. When you’re coming down to the wire, that 1% could be the difference between winning NaNoWriMo and falling short by 500 words.

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