NaNoWriMo, Day 10: Sprinterrific


The write-in at the International House of Johnson was… small. I would say “intimate”, but I’m trying to avoid any inappropriate connotations. Only Charley, Lord of the Sprint, attended. Over the course of four and a half hours and at least four cups of coffee each, we completed ten ten-minute sprints.

At this point, Charley writes because he wants to finish his story, not because he’s worried about making his daily word count. In 100 minutes, he wrote more than 5,500 words, which brought his total for the month to roughly 66,000. Charley is a writing machine.

I, on the other hand, am mere flesh and blood. Over the course of the evening I added just over 2,400 words to my total, averaging roughly 240 words per sprint. I’m gaining ground, and Laura and I plan to do a lot of writing this weekend. With a little determination, I may be able to catch up by Sunday night, especially if the Lord of the Sprint stops by again for a rematch.

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