NaNoWriMo, Aftermath: The Best Laid Plans…


My final official wordcount for NaNoWriMo is just over 15,000. In truth, I wrote another thousand words last night before midnight, but was unable to get the total updated before the NaNoWriMo website shut off the counter for the Eastern time zone.

Out of the Shadows is by no means finished, and if you enjoyed the excerpts I posted during the latter half of November you may be pleased to learn that I plan to make more of the story available online in the near future.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow isn’t finished, either. I’ll be developing the strange world that Bannister Proulx awakened in for International World Creation Month in January. A lot of what I had planned for Yesterday’s Tomorrow was borne out of a discussion with game designer and podcaster Sam Chupp, and I hope to have some more conversations around the story and the setting with Sam in the near future. Perhaps I can convince him to collaborate with me for IntWoCreMo next month.

Unfortunately, I caught a bit of a cold over Thanksgiving weekend and decided to skip the Jonathan Coulton show last night. Chris Miller attended and assured me that it was simply dreadful and that I didn’t miss much. Of course, he also informed me that he bought pretty much every CD Coulton has released, not to mention those from the show’s other act, Paul and Storm, which makes his assessment of the show’s quality somewhat suspect.

Last but not least in the “Things I Didn’t Do Last Month” category is National Blog Posting Month. While I was never an official participant, I had planned to make at least one post in this blog every day in November. A look at the archives reveals that I was doing well until the 22nd, when I fell off the wagon and didn’t post a thing for the remainder of the month. I blame Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson.

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  1. P.G. Holyfield Avatar

    That Miller is a tricky bastage, isn’t he?

    You guys got me thinking about a hero story… more on this later.

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