Vacation Aftermath.


After nearly two weeks in the U.P., we’re back home. More about the vacation later, but for now I wanted to share two images of carnage (click to enlarge).

First, a picture of Kyle after his encounter with a “smash cake” during the post-Christmas family birthday partySeveral members of the Johnson Clan have birthdays shortly after Christmas, so we got together to celebrate them all last week.. The cake (images of which I’ll upload later) was assembled by my mother and partially disassembled by Kyle.

Kyle Makes a Mess

Second, a picture of the passenger-side rear wheel of the MVoD following an encounter with an unidentified road object on the Ohio Turnpike yesterday between Toledo and Cleveland.

Still mostly round...

I had to change the tire on the side of the turnpike, and I’m in the process of acquiring a new wheel right now but the important thing is that no one was hurt and we made it home without further incident (albeit at significantly reduced speed for the remainder of the journey).



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  1. Chris Miller Avatar

    What? No more reporting than that? Nothing about books consumed, food eaten, natives swindled out of land for shiny beads, or jihads crushed under the mighty heel of Johnson?

    I’m utterly disappointed.

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