Non Sequitur: Sinuses!

5 O’Clock Shadow - 27 March 2007
Ah, Spring. ‘Tis the season of high pollen counts and rapidly fluctuating temperatures. Today eighty-five, tomorrow forty-three. My sinuses hate it and for the past few days have been making their displeasure known.

Saturday wasn’t bad, but Sunday put me through the wringer. The pressure was so bad that I was in bed by 7:00, which is nearly unheard of for me. I stayed home from work Monday and today, but I think I’ll be back on the job tomorrow morning at the crack of 9:30.

I’ve been popping generic DayQuil and NyQuil for the past three days and today I decided to try something my mother suggested: NeilMed Sinus Rinse. This basically involves squirting four ounces of warm water/sodium chloride/sodium bicarbonate solution up each nostril and giving the old nasal passages a good rinsing.

Now, I’ve had water up my nose before; pleasant, it ain’t. So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to squirting four ounces of anything up my nose, especially given that the product instructions quite clearly indicated that the solution would be exiting via either the other nostril or the mouth. Yummy!

I do have to admit that despite my trepidation, the process was entirely painless and not at all as disgusting as I anticipated. Sure, there was salty water spilling out of my nose and mouth, but it didn’t feel like I was drowning or like I had accidentally snorted water through an ill-aimed strawIt’s been known to happen.. Turns out that squirting plain water up your nose is extremely unpleasant, but the solution completely eliminates that nasty burning sensation.

So that was an hour ago. I’m still a little drippy at the moment, but I suppose that’s to be expected. We’ll see if adding the rinse helps with the Spring Sinus Curse.