Sitestuff: I love SPAM, I hate spam.

5 O’Clock Shadow - 29 March 2007
According to the stats at MyBlogLog, has 23 readers, which sounds about right to me; there are also a handful of people who read the posts via the RSS feed, but I really have no idea how many. That’s not exactly a huge audience, but the number of spam comments filtered out by the Akismet plugin ranges anywhere from a dozen to several hundred on any given day; if you’re reading this, the comment spammers really want you to see their junk.Or at the very least increase their Google ranking for erectile dysfunction medication, auto insurance and naughty, naughty boys and girls.

Today was a high-volume day for comment spam. The online pharmacies, insurance agents and purveyors of various forms of taboo (if not downright illegal) sexual practices attempted to hit with roughly 500 spam comments in the past twenty-four hours, only one of which made it past Akismet. Since I’ve been using the plugin, less than a half-dozen legitimate comments have been incorrectly trapped and perhaps two dozen spam comments have made it through the filter. Considering that Akismet has trapped more than twenty-one and a half thousand spam comments in the past two years, I’d say it’s a pretty good track record.

There’s some concern that WordPress users are putting all of our comment spam fighting eggs in one basket with Akismet; the plugin relies on external servers to function, and a failure of those servers could result in a flood of unfiltered spam comments on thousands of blogs worldwide. Nasty! It’s a risk I’m willing to live with, though, as Akismet allows me to let people comment on without having to register or enter a CAPTCHA code.

So, comment to your heart’s desire, all twenty-three of you. Akismet has your back, and mine.

Podcast: The Round Table, Episode 04-02

The Round TableMick Bradley and Julia Sullivan went AWOL recently, leaving Chris Miller and I to record the latest episode of The Round Table. Undaunted, we interviewed Tee Morris, co-author (with Lisa Lee) of MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana, co-author (with Evo Terra) of Podcasting for Dummies, author of Billibub Baddings and The Case of the Singing Sword and host of The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast.

Chris and I also had a discussion about Marvel Comics’ Civil War crossover series and the death of my favorite super hero, Captain America.

Mick will be back for the next episode, but Julia will likely be absent for much of Season Four as she carves a bloody swath of carnage and destruction across northeast Ohio. In the meantime, give The Round Table a listen, won’t you? For the children?