5 O’Clock Shadow – 05 April 2007

5 O’Clock Shadow - 05 April 2007
Rockbox , the “open source jukebox firmware”, on my iPod. Unfortunately, Rockbox isn’t quite ready for primetime on fourth generation iPods and after two days of frequent lockups I decided to revert back to Apple’s original firmware.

Thanks to firmware juggling and not quite unrelated iTunes juggling, I kind of lost track of the podcasts I was listening to and stopped downloading new episodes. Thankfully, I had a backlog of about 400 episodes from 40-50 different podcasts on my iPod. This afternoon, I queued up Black Jack Justice, a hard-boiled detective series from Decoder Ring Theater done in the style of old-time radio dramas. It’s good stuff, and Season One is available at Podiobooks.com. Also available at Podiobooks is Season One of The Adventures of the Red Panda, an homage to The Shadow and The Green Hornet.

Decoder Ring Theater just wrapped up Season Two of Black Jack Justice and has begun a new season of The Adventures of the Red Panda, so I need to get on the stick and start downloading podcasts again soon.

CSS Naked Day 2007

Things may not look pretty if you’re reading this on 05 April, but don’t worry, everything will be back to “normal” tomorrow. CSS Naked Day has rolled around again, and this is the second year I’m participating. Today and today only, I’m not concerned about margins and padding, positioning and color. What you’re seeing is the site as it is generated without Cascading Style Sheets.

Tomorrow, the pretty will return. For now, you get to see KJToo.com with its clothes off.