Geekstuff: Orc Warrior

Orc WarriorWhen I began taking pictures of myself every(ish) weekday at five o’ clock I had no idea of the potential consequences. Case in point, the orc warrior drawn by Natalie (The Fuzzy Slug) and inspired by the picture from 28 March.

The orc is as yet unnamed, but Natalie has suggested Kronk the Jubilant and Sam Chupp has suggested that he is clearly “Warrior Ootj’k, of the G’nprah Clan, which is part of the Yekn’m Tribe. Either way, kudos to Natalie for taking a goofy picture and turning it into excellent (if still goofy) art!

7 thoughts on “Geekstuff: Orc Warrior”

  1. that is so sweet!!!!! Great artist!

    I agree. She’s also something of a photographer and there are some very nice photos on her site; I highly recommend checking it out.


    G’Hult Gren sounds like a mighty orcish name. Heh heh…

    Listen up, pally, you’ve already got Hultgrenistan; will nothing sate your ego?

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