Geekstuff: Random Tidbits for April

Here’s a little rundown on what’s been flipping my Geek Switch lately.

  • Over the weekend I learned that Wizards of the Coast is releasing the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG in May. I like what I’ve read about the new system so far, especially the simplified Skills system.
  • On deck for Game Night tomorrow: Marvel Heroes strategy board game from Fantasy Flight Games. I’m really looking forward to playing this and I’m sure I’ll have a full play report sometime Wednesday.
  • I’m going to attend Origins in July, but I think I’m going to skip GenCon this year.
  • TMNT was a fun movie. I really liked the style of the animation, the story was fun and fast-paced, and it didn’t pander to the under ten crowd too much.
  • Forests of the Night by S. Andrew Swann is part sci-fi, part conspiracy thriller, part murder mystery. Oh, and it takes place in Cleveland, which is cool. The story involves a genetically-engineered tiger private detective who is investigating the murder of a human.
  • Maximum Ride: School’s Out — Forever by James Patterson was a quick read. The chapters are each only a few pages long, so a lot of the book is white space. It’s an interesting yarn, but I could do without the talking dog. Really.
  • I ditched my Song of Susannah CD set at Half Price Books today. I think Stephen King jumped the shark in the sixth installment of his Dark Tower series, and I’m not looking forward to reading (or listening to) the seventh and final book.
  • I deleted ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica without watching them. New TiVo rule: if the idea of watching the backlog seems like a chore, just delete them; I’ve got better things to do with my time than feel guilty about not watching a blasted television show.
  • Laura and I decided not to continue watching LOST after the show came back from its hiatus. How long can you string us along without really revealing anything? Two and a half seasons, I guess.
  • SciFi Channel will be showing Lake Placid 2 this Saturday (28 April) at 9:00pm. The original Lake Placid — about a killer crocodile menacing a lake in Maine — was written by David E. Kelley, who co-created Doogie Howser, M.D. and was one of the main writers on Ally McBeal. Not surprisingly, Kelley didn’t write the sequel. Instead of Bill Pullman and Betty White, the sequel stars John Schneider and Cloris Leachman. I’m going to watch it so you don’t have to.
  • The first season of The Dresden Files wrapped up a week ago on SciFi. Enough with these short seasons! I want a full twenty-plus episodes in a season! Raines, I’m looking at you, too.
  • I watched Fire Serpent over the weekend. The movie was touted as being “from the mind of William Shatner.” Normally, I’m all in favor of open-mindedness, but after sitting through this stinker I’d kind of like Bill to close his mind a little bit.
  • Speaking of Shatner, there are rumblings that his DVD club will be revived in the near future. Where do I send my membership fee?