First of May (2007)

Has it really been a whole year since I first posted these lyrics? It has? Well, here they are again. Follow the link below for all the lyrics and to download the song. And, hey, watch out for those explicit lyrics.

I woke up this morning
I had a scone and a large house blend
Then a little conversation
with my squirrel and chipmunk friends

I said, “I’m sick and tired of winter,
and I wish that it was spring.”
Then a little fella named Robin Red Breast
began to sing.

And he sang,
Ooh-ooh, child
what you think the cold winter’s gonna last forever?
Ooh-ooh, child,
now’s the time for all the people to get together…

‘Cause it’s the first of May,
first of May…

— “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton

Now get out there and celebrate!

3 thoughts on “First of May (2007)”

  1. I posted this one on a discussion board earlier today. Gotta love JoCo. 🙂

    It’s okay to love JoCo, just don’t love JoCo (except on the First of May, I guess).

    In other news, a whole bunch of podcasty-types got together and covered “First of May” in honor of the recently-departed Joe Murphy. It’s worth a listen.

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