Pseudopod 038: Hell’s Daycare by D. Richard Pearce

Pseudopod: the sound of horror

A couple of weeks ago I was tapped to read a story for Pseudopod, the short-form horror podcast. The story I read was posted on the site this morning. “Hell’s Daycare“, by D. Richard Pearce is a cautionary tale about the dangers of fraternizing with demons in the digital age. Caution: “Hell’s Daycare” is for mature audiences only, as are all stories featured on Pseudopod.

As long as you’re heading over to Pseudopod, I encourage you to check out “Bliss“, by James Michael White (read by Mur Lafferty). Laura and I listened to this one on a recent trip to Stow and we both found it incredibly disturbing, which I consider to be high praise for a horror story.