Podcast: The Round Table – Season 4, Episode 4

The Round TableEvery couple of weeks or so the planets align ((The particular planets are not important, as long as they’re aligned. And not necessarily with one another. It’s very complicated.)) and we sit down to record another episode of The Round Table. “We” are, of course, Master of Monkeys, Misfits and Ceremonies, Mick Bradley, Desperadicus Unquietus, Chris Miller, me and—if our audience is incredibly fortunate—someone, anyone else. Sadly, it was just the three of us this time, and the aforementioned audience (assuming one still exists) is doomed to wail and gnash its collective teeth.

The show is just over an hour long and we discuss a great many things, not the least of which is Mahalo, the no-longer-super-secret project our Mr. Miller has been working on lo these many months. There is also mention of books, movies, RPGs, more super-secret projects, and making holy matrimony safer for all involved parties through the introduction of closed-cell foam padding.