Podcast: Volcanicast


Volcanicast is the latest podcast from Planet RetCon Radio, and it ventures where none of the other RetCon shows have gone before: reality. Volcanicast is a round table discussion of all the search terms classified as “volcanic” by Google Hot Trends in the past week; everything from celebrity arrests to phallic bivalves.

In the beginning, Volcanicast was hosted by Wesley & Bob, whose voices can also be heard on other fine Planet RetCon Radio productions, such as The Stargate Cafe and The Log of The Crimson Lein. Wesley was foolish enough to invite me to join in the current-eventy fun, so Episode 4 marks my first appearance.

A word of caution: Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences, which is somewhat ironic given the relative immaturity of the hosts.

Another word of caution: Although the topics discussed on Volcanicast are researched by the hosts before the show, the research is often half-assed at best. We may speak with an air of confidence and authority, but that’s usually just the booze talking.

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