Podcasts: A Volcanicast Twofer for the weeks ending 04 August and 11 August 2007


Volcanicast is a weekly roundup of the search terms Google ranks “Volcanic” on their trends site. We don’t guarantee that our discussion of the search terms will be informative, insightful or even intelligent, but we do guarantee that we’ll at least mention each of the “Volcanic” terms on a given day.

If you haven’t checked out last week’s episode (because I forgot to announce it), there’s a download link below. Chris Miller and I were unable to co-host, but Bob and Wesley brought in a very special guest host: Alaska senator Ted “A series of tubes” Stevens! Topics covered included Winnie Cooper, the unfortunate passing of radio host Tom Snyder, ice cubes you won’t find in your freezer, and the usual roundup of song lyric game shows and other natural disasters.

In this week’s show, we’re at full power again. That’s right, the Fantastic Four are back in front of the microphones with seven days of scintillating search terms! On deck this week: 50-foot free falls, Denzel Washington, pin-up girls, pharmaceutically-assisted home runs, teachers in space and four grown men drooling over Anne Hathaway.

Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences. Because mommy and daddy use bad language when they fight.



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