5 O’Clock Shadow – 03 August 2007

5 O'clock Shadow - 03 August 2007I haven’t done the five o’clock shadow bit for quite a while so I thought I’d have another go at it. This shot was taken at about a quarter to nine while I was waiting for one of the laptops I’ll be testing with tomorrow morning to finish the build process (which takes about 6-8 hours at my desk). It wasn’t done when I left about an hour and a quarter later, but it had gotten past the point where I needed to keep an eye on it. Hurrah!

Tomorrow (04 August) is my mother’s birthday, which she’s spending in Finland, with my father. Last I heard, they were on or near both a yacht and an island. Yachts and islands aren’t the first things that leap to mind when I think of Finland (that’d be saunas and cell phones), but I certainly hope they’re having a good time.

Podcast: The Round Table – Season 5, Episode 1

The fifth season of The Round Table kicks off with an introduction to story gaming. Chris Miller and I, still stinging from our less-than-technically-successful attempt at playing Primetime Adventures with Miscellaneous G™, sit down with a panel of story gamers and game designers to discuss just what a story game is and how we as “traditional” gamers could make the transition from dungeon crawls to collaborative storytelling.

Our esteemed panel includes:

So if you’ve been living in fear of random monster encounters and wise old men lingering in nondescript taverns, maybe it’s time to change gears a bit; join us at The Round Table and see if story gaming gets your creative gears turning.