Podcast: Volcanicast for the week ending 06 October 2007


VolcanicastIf you’ve ever gazed into the night sky pondering the mysteries of the universe and wondering whether man’s presence in that great expansive void is due to sheer chance and lucky scientific coincidence or the guiding hand of an all-seeing, all-knowing overbeing, the Volcanicast isn’t going to do jack to help you. On the other hand, if you’ve ever gazed into the liquid crystal display of your laptop and wondered what the hell people are searching for on The Google, Volcanicast is right up your shallow alley!

This week’s topics: The Cleveland Indians ally with Canada to defeat the damn Yankees, Big Moe is a Big Jerk, Sputnik is golden, when backslashes roamed the Earth, fun with fifth graders and uh-oh! Friday is your day in the barrel!



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