Pseudopod 060: The Heart of Tu’a Halaita by Tara Kolden


Pseudopod: the sound of horror

The latest episode of the horror podcast Pseudopod was released about an hour ago as I write this. The story this episode is “The Heart of Tu’a Halaita“, written by Tara Kolden and narrated by yours truly. It’s the story of a missionary who learns a hard lesson about the dangers of letting pride dictate his actions. I’m all about learning lessons the hard way, but not when the natives are restless…and their god is hungry.

4 responses to “Pseudopod 060: The Heart of Tu’a Halaita by Tara Kolden”

  1. blob Avatar

    This was ninety-eight percent awesome, but may I offer a couple of critiques?

    1) Beg/borrow/steal/purchase a better microphone or change your filters, ’cause you lost all the bass from your voice and that’s part of what makes your voice awesome and would have been very useful in this particular reading.

    2) (And I very much am guilty of this too) Pacing; it felt like you were rushing parts of the story that needed a little bit of time to linger in the mind of the listener. It’s too far from my having heard it now to recall specific places, but that left an impression.

    Also, Volcanicast bonus points for “vehemence”, even if you didn’t write it.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    You bring up two very good points, blob.

    1. This is what I love about recording at Erie Vista Studios; Chris Miller has the mixer tweaked nicely to bring out the bass (and he’s got the nice microphones, too). Unfortunately, all I’ve got at my disposal is a crappy headset mic and none of the Audacity-fu to adjust the levels in post.

    2. I definitely had some problems with pacing in this story. Some of that is due to my having to read parts of it fifty bajillion times because I couldn’t get my tongue to work properly around some of the phrasing, but part of it is me being rushed to finish the recording. The latter is entirely my fault, because I had the manuscript for well over a week before I sat down to record it.

    Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

  3. Gerall Avatar

    This was exceptionally creepy –

  4. KJToo Avatar

    This was exceptionally creepy –

    I thought it was a pretty cool story, and I only wish that I had (as blob points out) the audio equipment to do it justice.

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