Saying Goodbye to The Round Table


If you’re a regular listener to The Round Table podcast, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we haven’t been releasing new episodes on anything that could be called a “schedule” for several months now. Mick Bradley turned the reigns of the show over to Chris Miller and I, and we (with the help of Mr. Bradley and a number of other very talented people) released what I consider to be two very good episodes: An Introduction to Story Games and British vs. American Television. We (and by “we” I mean “Chris”) had a couple of other episodes planned, but never got around to actually organizing guest appearances and sitting down in front of the microphones to record.

Yesterday, we at The House of the Harping Monkey decided it was time to throw in the towel and admit that we just didn’t have the time or energy to do the show anymore. Conflicting obligations and a host of other projects (professional and personal) demanded a lot of that time and energy and something had to give eventually. We agreed that, for better or for worse, The Round Table (and also, unfortunately, Misfit Brew) should come to an end.

We’re getting together tonight to record one final episode, rather than just letting the show fizzle and podfade without an official send off. I’m not sure how long the show will be or what we’ll talk about other than retiring The Round Table, but we all felt it would be best to do one more show and let anyone still subscribed know that there won’t be any more.

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