Halloween 2007, or NaNoWriMo Eve


The Red Skull
I wish I could say that an evening out with ghosts, goblins, superheroes, transforming robots and mystery-solving, snack-gobbling teenagers has cleared all of the cobwebs out of my head and left me fully prepared to begin writing tomorrow, but it turns out that clarity, vision and inspiration aren’t commonly doled out along with Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Lemonheads and Big Hugs.

We did get a lot of candy, though. And by “we”, I mean Kyle. Just because I was in costume and holding the bucket doesn’t mean the candy is for me. Well, not all of it.

I may not be prepared to begin writing tomorrow (which has never stopped me before), but I am prepared for How Not To Grow A Beard Month. The beard is gone and I’ll probably give it a once over again before I go to bed, just to make it nice and official.

The words will come. Or they won’t. But the hair is inexorable. The hair must grow.

2 responses to “Halloween 2007, or NaNoWriMo Eve”

  1. Gerall Avatar

    How would one go about adding Kris Johnson as a Writing Buddy on the NNWM website? I can’t even seem to set my home Region…

    But then again, I’m at work. The cybernuns are sussing the network for all kinds of things; they might be tampering with me packets!


  2. KJToo Avatar

    If you view my profile, there should be an “add buddy” link beneath my profile photo. Unfortunately, my attempts to add buddies this morning were unsuccessful, so there may be a problem at the site right now.

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