November 16, 2007

  • Laura asked me to pick up some dinner on the way home from work this evening so I decided it was time for the baconating. I was listening to Nuketown Radioactive when I got to Wendy’s, but the iTransFM blocks the cupholders in the MVoD, so I turned KJToonz off and switched on the radio, flipping through the stations and—because the guy at the window rudely interrupted my station surfing by asking for my order—stopping on 104.1, also known as Q104.

    I ordered my Baconator combo with a Sprite and Laura’s Big Bacon Classic combo with large fries and a Diet Coke, pulled through, paid with my MasterCard, grabbed the food and headed home, stealing a few fries out of the bag as I drove. Wendy’s is about two miles from the International House of Johnson and there are six traffic lights on the way, but I only had to stop at two of them.

    As I backed the MVoD into the driveway, I realized that I hadn’t heard a single song since turning on the radio. I’m estimating somewhere between seven and ten solid minutes of advertisement between the time I turned my iPod off and the time I pulled into the driveway at the International House of Johnson.

    And that’s why I don’t listen to the radio anymore.