How Not To Grow A Beard: Day 18


I rolled out of bed at a few minutes before eleven this morning, despite hitting the sack at just a few minutes after midnight. Kyle and I had a little breakfast, then watched Blue’s Clues and Jack’s Big Music Show. After a bit of reading and rough-housing, Laura came home, Kyle had a late lunch and I headed over to record a Stories of the 3rd Wave segment at Erie Vista Studios.

Now I’m back at home watching The Backyardigans: Super Secret Super Spy with Kyle while Laura cleans her office in preparation for potential houseguests on Thanksgiving (which really crept up on me this year).

Tomorrow after work I’ll head over to Planet Retcon Studio 4 to record Volcanicast, which will complete my podcasting obligations for the week.

Did I mention that the proximity of Thanksgiving caught me off guard this year? I obviously have a lot to be thankful for and I’ll get to that a little later this week. Right now I’m realizing that we’re hosting the big meal and could have up to fifteen people at the International House of Johnson in just a few days. Yikes.

Ah, but there will be pie. Pumpkin pie. I will fight a legion of ninja turkeys for a piece of pumpkin pie, if need be.

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  1. Gerall Avatar

    I might be delusional (I *am* at work at the moment), but I believe I’m beginning to sense a pattern KJ…

    I believe you might have an affection for pie.

    So far, I’ve heard you extol the virtues of pumpkin pie (a personal fave as well), but are there any others you’re into in a big way? Do you indulge in the occasional savory confection as well as the sweeties?

    Myself, I’m a real sucker for slice of apple pie. Not too hot, not cold, mmmmm… Pumpkin pie is a time-honored recipe as well (just a dollop of whipped cream; I like to taste the actual filling, thanks!), and being down here South of the Mason-Dixon I’m exposed to pecan pies regularly. I don’t like pecans (too soft for my tastes – it’s a texture thing, certainly), so that’s one thing I’ll pass on if offered.

    Anyway – thanks for this culinary distraction. Your beard is coming in nicely. Best regards to your tribe from mine.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I will expound upon the matter of pie very shortly and we can engage in further dialog at that time. It is simply too important to be relegated to the comments of an entry; I think you’ll agree that pie is deserving of its own post.

  3. LolaJ Avatar

    I know that you are proud of the beard, but I think photographing yourself with a halo goes a bit far, don’t you?

  4. Gerall Avatar


  5. KJToo Avatar

    I know that you are proud of the beard, but I think photographing yourself with a halo goes a bit far, don’t you?

    Perhaps it doesn’t go far enough…my child.

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