How Not To Grow A Beard: Day 28


Only a few more days of silly beard pictures and it’ll all be over…or will it? The beard is definitely coming off in December, but I think I’m going to have some fun with it first. Stay tuned for ever-increasing levels of foolishness.

In non-beard-related news, I’ve started packing up my stuff at work. Swarthy men wearing swarthy shoes will transport boxes of my stuff from the building in which I currently work to the building in which I’ll be working starting on Monday. The new place is closer to home, but I’ve heard there are random alligator attacks in the parking lot and that bands of gnomes steal the toilet paper out of the third floor men’s room. Since I’m going to be working on the first floor, the gnomes don’t really concern me. On the other hand, I’m horribly allergic to alligators. One bite and I start bleeding all over the place; it isn’t pretty.

2 responses to “How Not To Grow A Beard: Day 28”

  1. Gerall Avatar

    As a bit of advice on dealing with alligators (I live within a 20 minute drive of the Louisiana border down here in the swamplands of Texas); throw them something to eat then run like Hell…

    It’s important to keep something both edible and fling-able handy when venturing through an alligator’s domain. You know, something like a heavy steak or a slow co-worker. Upon the ‘gator’s initial lunge-and-snap, do your best to toss the tasty into it’s mouth.

    Timing is everything. Being ambush predators, you mightn’t get much warning of the strike.

    Stay alert. Stay safe!

    — Also, I just noticed your Twitter about Kubuntu and Audacity. What grief are you getting from these bits of software? Happy to help, if I can…

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Perhaps I’ll carry a duffel bag full of lap dogs to work every day…

    As to Kubuntu and Audacity, the problem was this: if any other application accessed the sound card while Audacity was running, Audacity would report an error with the output device the next time tried to play back a track and nothing I did short of rebooting would resolve the issue. Rather than spending an hour searching for a solution that would undoubtedly require manually editing a .conf file somewhere in the bowels of the operating system, I just rebooted.

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