How Not To Grow A Beard: Day 29


I think I’m about ready for November to be over. The closer December gets, the more I’m looking forward to thirty days of shaving every morning, not blogging every day, and not being reminded that my word count never broke 10,000.

This month got off to a very promising start and was quickly consumed by a giant, steaming pile of suck. I don’t relish the idea of turning into my personal bitch-and-moanfest (ranting, however, is perfectly acceptable and even expected) but apart from the occasional bright spot here and there (Con on the Cob, Thanksgiving, Game Night) November sucked some very unpleasant balls.

There is absolutely no rational reason that I should expect things to magically improve because a new month begins, but that’s exactly what is going to happen. The first of December will arrive, the clouds will roll back, the sun will shine, and there will be a whole bunch of other happy metaphoric stuff going on, too. Just you wait and see.



7 responses to “How Not To Grow A Beard: Day 29”

  1. Rob Avatar

    December: BEST . . . MONTH . . . EVER!
    Ha ha.

  2. Miscellaneous G Avatar
    Miscellaneous G

    If you’re expecting the weather to improve in North-Eastern Ohio when we transition into December, you ARE rather misled. Oh, you meant that metaphorically. Carry on.

  3. Wesley Avatar

    Oh, I’m sure the clouds will part in December. Roughly 382 times. Once per break in the snow showers.

  4. Rob Avatar

    Haven’t you folks heard about global warming? This is Cleveland’s December to SHINE.

  5. LolaJ Avatar

    “[S]having every morning”? Do you mean that? Literally? Or is that some of the happy metaphoric stuff you later referenced.

    Just wondering. ‘Cause since I’ve known you there hasn’t been ANYTHING that you’ve consistently done every morning, except perhaps put on your glasses and pee.

  6. Rob Avatar

    Oh, Kris is nothing if not consistent. He is consistently inconsistent. Such is the genius of Kris. The rest of us mere mortals hidebound in our consistency can only sit and marvel.

  7. Gerall Avatar

    KJ – here’s to a rejuvenating December, regardless of weather, shaving habits, and spambots harassing your Blog-of-Might!

    Remember, kids; shaving is merely 30-thousand self-inflicted neck wounds! I hate the feel of facial hair, but I have to let my face have a little down-time between the slick and sharp.

    -pax omnium veritas-

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