The Great December Information Detoxification

All right, so this is how it works: as I write this, it is two hours to midnight on the first of December. In two hours, I’m unplugging from the Internet. I’m shutting down my Instant Messaging client and Skype, Firefox and Thunderbird and, with the exception of a weekly e-mail check (and anything necessary for work), I won’t be back on the Internet until 2008.

I’m leaving the forum running, but I won’t be checking it. To avoid having to slog through 5,000-plus spam comments when I get back, I’ll be disabling comments on the blog ((EDIT: WordPress doesn’t appear to have an option to instantly disable comments on all posts, so I’ve just turned off commenting for unregistered users and disabled the “anyone can register” option.)) at midnight tonight.

So, no blogging, no instant messaging, no Twitter or Facebook or Volcanicast or anything else for 30 days. I got the idea from Chris Miller, who went radio silent yesterday, so feel free to blame him or praise him or just shake your head in disbelief.

I hope everyone has a great December. Happy Holidays! See you in January!