Welcome to my secret lair…


Prior to the Great Information Detoxification, I made it known that Chris Miller and I were planning a new podcast, to be unveiled in January. Well, as I write this it is January, and the podcast has been unveiled. It’s called The Secret Lair, and that’s about all I can tell you, because that’s about all I know. The first episode was recorded Monday evening and released yesterday,I would have posted about it sooner, but the plague that has infested the International House of Johnson for the past week suddenly jumped the human/technology barrier Monday night, rendering all computers within those halls unable to connect to KJToo.com and, thus, preventing me from conducting my normal blogging activities or even checking my e-mail. so go to the site and listen. You will find a button there expressly for that purpose, and I encourage you to click it and let your ears and the magic that is the series of tubes between our server and your client do the rest.

If you like what you hear, subscribe to the podcast feed. If you like words, but not in your ears, subscribe to the blog feed; we’ll probably be posting plenty of blog entries independent of the podcast. And if you’re quite fond of our words (spoken, typed, or otherwise) click the Community link while you’re at The Secret Lair; there are others like you and we’re trying to gather them into a single location (but not for any nefarious purpose, I promise).

EDIT: It’s gone. It’s all gone. Farewell to ye, most secret of lairs.

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