Naked for a Day


It’s the third annual CSS Naked Day, so I’ve disabled all stylesheets for the blog. This is what the site would look like every day if not for the magic of Cascading Style Sheets: functional, but not very pretty.

CSS Naked Day is the brainchild of User Interface Engineer Dustin Diaz. It is intended to “to promote Web Standards with layered semantic markup, and a clear separation between content, and presentation to enhance accessibility.”

This year, more than a thousand websites have signed up for the event, signifying their intent to strip away the pretty CSS and show the world what’s underneath.

EDIT: Bloginatrix Lorelle van Fossen has an excellent explanation of why we’re observing CSS Naked Day on her meta-blog, Lorelle on WordPress.

2 responses to “Naked for a Day”

  1. Greg Avatar

    Damn – I missed CSS Naked day. And my notepad-designed site looks fairly decent without styles, if you don’t mind scrolling past all the sidebar stuff.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Greg – I almost missed it myself this year, because—like Easter—CSS Naked Day doesn’t fall on the same date annually. Last year it was the 5th of April, so I assumed it would be the 5th again this year. However, no one was talking about it and the site (when I checked on the 3rd) still referred to 2007. I thought Dustin Diaz had abandoned the day, but then Lorelle van Fossen mentioned it on her blog and all was well with the world.

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