Art from The Fuzzy Slug: Natalie Metzger


Natalie Metzger is The Secretary of Artistic Propaganda over at The Secret Lair. In addition to designing our site banner and Overlord avatars, Natalie also writes and draws our official webcomic. In the (very) quiet times between podcast episodes, it is Natalie’s webcomic that keeps The Secret Lair alive.
The Secret Lair Crew by Natalie Metzger
The Secret Lair Crew(L-R): Kris Johnson, Chris Miller, Natalie Metzger

Before she turned Chris and I into cartoons, Natalie turned us into a zombie and an orc, respectively. Code Zombie is her rendition of a Twitter avatar that Chris used once upon a yesterday, while Ootk’j, Orc Warrior is an adaptation of one of my early 5 O’Clock Shadow self-portraits.

Between drawings of Chris and I, Natalie has created several covers for the PDF version of Mur Lafferty’s superhero audionovel, Playing For Keeps as well as the cover of for Sam Chupp’s sword-and-sorcery audionovel, Heart of the Hunter.

KJToo FaviconNatalie also (at my request) created the new favicon for If you’re the sort who visits the site rather than reading the RSS feed, hopefully you’ve already seen it in your browser’s address bar. As an added and unexpected bonus, Natalie also created two critters that each contain the letters “KJToo” cleverly integrated into their design.

KJ Kritter 1

The Fuzzy Slug is the home of all of Natalie’s artistic creations, not just drawings but photographs and even the occasional furred beastie. One never knows what may show up at the Slug from day to day, but you can bet it will be interesting.

4 responses to “Art from The Fuzzy Slug: Natalie Metzger”

  1. Sam Chupp Avatar

    Natalie is awesome. Don’t forget – she recently did a piece for The Goblin Broadcast Network too…she rocks.

  2. Kris Avatar

    Sam — Thanks for the reminder; it had completely slipped my mind that Natalie did the goblin-listening-to-an-MP3-player piece for GBN.

  3. P.G. Holyfield Avatar

    She’s also done two great pieces for Murder at Avedon Hill. That reminds me, I need to create an art page on the site. Gah.

  4. Kris Avatar

    P.G. — Best get cracking, Holyfiend.

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