Little Known Fact: Don’t Eat the Dim Mak


The flesh of animals killed with Dim Mak, The Death Touch, is poisonous and cannot be prepared in such a manner as to make it safe for consumption. Humans, animals, insects and even bacterium that feed on such flesh will expire shortly after ingesting it. This is one of two reasons that the Dim Mak technique has never been introduced to the cannibalistic Korowai tribesmen of Papua New Guinea; to do so would be tantamount to genocide.

4 responses to “Little Known Fact: Don’t Eat the Dim Mak”

  1. Nycteris Avatar

    Talk about your evil brainstorming in the lair… don’t ever teach that technique to your zombies.

  2. Kris Avatar

    Nycteris — I don’t think zombies are quick enough to effectively deliver the Dim Mak.

  3. Nycteris Avatar

    Oh yeah? You say that only to assuage my fears… then BAM.

  4. Kris Avatar

    Nycteris — Were this The Secret Lair, I might concede the point. In these particular waters, however, I can feign innocence or at the very least ignorance.

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