The Secret Lair: Expansion


Things are a bit turbulent over at The Secret Lair these days. Chris Miller, my co-overlord, has packed up his belongings and moved to California, where he will take command of The Secret Lair West, our new facility located somewhere near Los Angeles. During one of his pre-move trips to L.A., Chris managed to accidentally shakes things up a bit and our own Secretary of Artistic Propaganda, Natalie Metzger, immortalized the event as an episode of The Secret Lair Webcomic.

The Secret Lair Webcomic - Episode 008

Meanwhile, closer to home, I’ve had to deal with not only the ramifications of Chris’ departure, but the day-to-day administrative duties of running an illegal, covert facility near what passes for a major metropolitan area in northeast Ohio.

As a result of the hubbub, we anticipate that our podcast release schedule will be even more sporadic than normal, though we did recently release our final face-to-face episode for the foreseeable future, recorded during Game Night at the International House of Johnson and including a number of very special guests.

Once the dust has settled (and we’ve determined that it’s not radioactive), we’ll fire up Skype and get back to what we do best. And if anyone out there knows exactly what that is, please let us know.

EDIT: Like the sands through the hourglass, so have fallen links to The Secret Lair.

2 responses to “The Secret Lair: Expansion”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Well, I know what you do worst.

    Honestly, you have got to stop feeding me after midnight. Gun? Meet Fish and Barrel.

  2. Kris Avatar

    @Rob — Oh, please, by all means: do elaborate. I’m not especially adept at finishing things I start; I’ve said as much time and again in this very blog, but if it makes you feel good to beat that very, very dead horse go right ahead and take another whack at it.

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