Non Sequitur: More Wrong Numbers


Just OldWay back in the rough and tumble days of early 2007, I told you about some of the folks who have called my work cell phone looking for someone who is clearly not me. I don’t know what it is, but the phone attracts wrong numbers. Usually I just politely inform the caller that they’ve got the wrong number and carry on with my day.


The following is a rough transcript of a call I received yesterday.

Me: Hello.
Caller (female): [something about “retard” and possibly “Bob”]
Me: I’m sorry, you’ve g-
Caller: The child is drinking the liquor you left on the counter, retard!
Me: You’ve got the wrong number.
Caller: Yeah, right. Listen, retard, the child is drinking the liquor you left here!
Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know who you are.
Caller: Yeah you do! The child is drinking the…

This “dialog” continued for a few more seconds, with me insisting that the caller had a wrong number and her calling me a retard and a liar until I just hung up. I expected her to call back right away, but my phone was mercifully silent.

4 responses to “Non Sequitur: More Wrong Numbers”

  1. Derek Avatar

    Crazy! I wonder what kind of liquor it was…

  2. Kris Avatar

    @Derek — The woman didn’t bother to elaborate on that and I wasn’t given an opportunity to ask. I hope “the child” is okay, whether it was hers or not. I have her number in my cell phone’s “Received Calls” list; maybe I should call with some follow up questions. 😀

  3. willywoollove Avatar

    I think you should call her back and find out how the child is doing. Then inform her that she really hurt your feelings by calling you a retard and that you prefer mentaly challenged.

    When I got my phone # 3 years ago I got A LOT of calls for some guy named Ben. I havn’t got one this year but around christmas was my last call. Not just one person either. People Ben owed money to, people who wanted to give him tickets to the Warriors, people who wanted to make sure he’s ok. I was nice to them all even to the guy who kept insisting I was Ben.

  4. Greg Avatar

    Wow. That is an epic story.

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