Con on the Cob 2008: T Minus 1 Day

Con on the CobLong-suffering readers of this blog ((Why are you still reading this drivel?)) will undoubtedly recall that November is typically a busy time in these parts. November of 2007 was filled to the brim with novel-writing, blog-posting and beard-growing. To top it all off, there was Con on the Cob, four days of gaming and geeky fun in Akron, Ohio. ((Not to mention interviews with cool people like Larry Elmore, Sean Patrick Fannon and Brannon Hollingsworth.))

Oh, how things change in the space of a eleven months. For starters, I’ve decided to give National Novel Writing Month a pass this year. I’ll still be doing daily blog posts and growing what passes for a beard around here, but I just don’t feel like starting another novel that’s just going to fizzle out somewhere around the middle of the month.

The other big change is Con on the Cob. Convention organizer Andy Hopp moved the event up a month, just because I asked him to. ((Untrue!)) He also moved to a larger venue in Hudson, Ohio, which is considerably closer to the International House of Johnson. Thanks to the new schedule, I won’t have to worry about facial hair or compelling protagonists while I’m trying to get my geek on; I’ll be able to focus all of my energies on the con, which starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Yikes! Where’s my dice bag?

2 thoughts on “Con on the Cob 2008: T Minus 1 Day”

  1. @Jahnoth — Absolutely not. Though the dice bag has served me will, I don’t believe I’ve ever had a stronger and more instantaneous case of buyer’s remorse than that which came upon me mere seconds after I purchased it.

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