HoNoToGroABeMo is Go!


Beardless Kris (HoNoToGroABeMo, Day 1)November is upon us and the month of blogging and beard-growing has begun! Over at the HoNoToGroABeMo site the first handful of photos and blog entries are already up; the amount of freshly-shorn cheek and chin on display is…mildly disturbing, to be honest. The question of whether the faces of the participants can survive the chill of November has led me to wonder whether the event ought not be moved to late spring or perhaps even early summer, but the die has been cast and the liability waivers signed, so the rest is left to chance, Mother Nature, and the responsible utilization of scarves.

Here’s a quick rundown on the roster so far:

  • Me. Originator of the event and first to shave.
  • Bob. The cynical optimist and creator of the HoNoToGroABeMo website.
  • Chris. My co-overlord at The Secret Lair, whose face has not seen the light of day since before the Clinton administration.
  • Wesley. Mastermind responsible for such podcasts as Volcanicast, Stargate Cafe and The Log of the Crimson Lein.

There are rumors of additional participants to come, but I don’t want to put anyone on the spot until they have officially cast their lot in on the site. If you, too, would like to get in on the hot, beard-growing action, leave a comment and I’ll see that you get an account on the official site. We’ll have an invitation system in place shortly (I hope), but as with any newfangled web wonder, there are a few kinks to work out before everything is running smoothly.

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  1. The Bearded Goose Avatar

    Feel free to add me to that list of participants. The die has been cast… well, at least, the whiskers have been shaved.

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