HoNoToGroABeMo vs. NaBloPoMo


Beardless Kris (HoNoToGroABeMo, Day 1)Oops! I went to bed early last night and completely neglected to post anything here, which means that—two days into the month—I failed National Blog Posting Month! Boom! Done!

I suppose I could back-date a blog entry (WordPress certainly has the capability), but that would be cheating, so I’ll just bow out with what little grace and dignity I can muster.

On the bright side, not feeling compelled to post something here every day will give me more time to blather over on the How Not To Grow A Beard Month site, something I’m sure everyone is looking forward to.

As of this writing, there are a total of seven official participants in HoNoToGroABeMo, six of whom have actually posted on the site. An eighth individual has expressed interest, but I don’t know if his ID has been created yet. These are the men whose chins will transform from barren to lush in the coming weeks:

  1. Me. Yeah. Still.
  2. Bob. The Cynical Optimist.
  3. Wesley. The Cyclical Apologist.
  4. Chris. The Optimal Synergist.
  5. Jeff. The Subliminal Optometrist.
  6. Nev. The Longitudinal Psychologist.
  7. Gus. The Duodenal Cosmologist. 

It’s not too late for you and your facial hair to get in on the action! As official arbiter of the event, I will allow late entries, especially to braggarts who claim that they can grow a full beard in a week or less. It’s time to put that boasting to the test, gentlemen! Drop me a line and I’ll see that you get an account on the site!

6 responses to “HoNoToGroABeMo vs. NaBloPoMo”

  1. The Bearded Goose Avatar

    So… I’m the guy who studies crap…?

  2. David Moore Avatar

    So it’s the 4th, I haven’t shaved since the 1st, but don’t have pictures.

    Any way I could get in on this still?

  3. Kris Avatar

    @David — I have beamed instructions for obtaining a username directly to your facial follicles. You need only listen to the beard-to-be and the way will become clear.

  4. TigerTom Avatar

    Real _men_ do not fuss over their beards; they trim them occasionally, for a ‘da laydeees’, and that’s it.

    You notice a difference in behaviour of people towards you when you’ve got a good one goin’; it’s the one male feature women can’t appropriate, except by taking questionable drugs. Y’get better service in shops, too.

    It says: I could give a hoot about looking like a smooth-skinned boy, now get out of my way.

  5. Kris Avatar

    @TigerTom — Your comment was caught by my spam filter, but I rescued it from oblivion; not because I don’t believe it’s spam—by my definition, it clearly is, which is why I stripped out the link to your website—but because it amuses me.

    What I find most amusing is the fact that you (if you are, indeed, the gentleman who appears in the photos on your site) are clean-shaven. You’ll understand if that fact simple reinforced the spamminess of your comment and removed any lingering trace of guilt I might have felt for stripping out your URL.

    But hey, nice try. I appreciate the effort, even though I suspect the text of your comment was most likely lifted, part and parcel, from another (more bearded) source.

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