HoNoToGroABeMo 2008: Adam’s Beard

Here we have a late entry to How Not To Grow a Beard Month, my younger brother, Adam. He’s not late because he didn’t participate right along with the rest of us, but because I’ve been too lazy to post the photos he sent me until today. But rather than post every single picture, I decided to do an animated progression, starting with Day Zero and proceeding through Day Nineteen (he has yet to send me the remaining eleven days).

The thumbnail below links to an animated GIF, which weighs in at just over 1MB. If you’ve got a slow connection, it’ll take a while to load.

Adam' class=

Once I receive the remaining photos, I’ll update the animation. I estimate that it took me about two hours to scale, rotate and align the individual frames of this animation, but I think it was well worth it to demonstrate that someone in my family can grow a decent beard.