Non-Traditional Observances: Bastille Day


“You know,” he said, “this isn’t a holiday we usually celebrate.”

“Keep quiet and hold still,” she said. “I don’t want to miss the basket.”

5 responses to “Non-Traditional Observances: Bastille Day”

  1. blob Avatar

    How morbidly awesome is this?

    Very. Very morbidly awesome.

    1. Kris Avatar

      @blob — No one ever makes a Bastille Day cake, either. I’m just saying. If I had a Bastille Day party, there would be a cake. And the partygoers? I would let them eat cake.

  2. Rachel Avatar

    I heard a Bastille Day radio skit this morning. I didn’t realize that was the reason they played it.

    1. Kris Avatar

      @Rachel — I don’t have my iPod with me today, but I’ve been singing “Bastille Day” by Rush in my head all day. “La guillotine will claim her bloody pri-iiiize!

  3. Natalie Avatar

    You know what? You’re absolutely right. There SHOULD be a Bastille Day cake. Hmmm…

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