Pseudopod 233: Association

I’ve been so busy not updating my blog that I completely neglected to mention another short story I narrated for Pseudopod, the Sound of Horror. This one is “Association,” a zombie tale by Eddie Borey. Before you rush over to listen, I would remind you that Pseudopod is intended for mature audiences and that dead things rot. A lot.

A complete list of the horrific tales I’ve narrated for Pseudopod is presented (in reverse chronological order) below.

  • “Association” by Eddie Borey (Episode 233)
  • “Is This a Horror Story?” by Scott Edelman (Episode 206)
  • “Wearing the Dead” by Alan Smale (Episode 190)
  • “The Sultan of Meat” by James B. Pepe (Episode 170)
  • “Orifice” by John F. D. Taff (Episode 147)
  • “The Duel” by James Michael MacFarland (Episode 135)
  • “In the Coils of the Serpent” by William Meikle (Episode 109)
  • “Among the Moabites” by Michael Hartford (Episode 98)
  • “Blood, Gridlock and PEZ” by Kevin Anderson (Episode 73)
  • “The Heart of Tu’a Halaita” by Tara Kolden (Episode 60)
  • “Hell’s Daycare” by D. Richard Pearce (Episode 38)


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