Spider on My Head: Day 1


Remember when my son was practicing for April Fool’s Day last year? Shortly after I blogged about it, I commissioned Natalie Metzger (AKA The Fuzzy Slug) to do a series of drawings featuring my worst fear: a spider on my head. Here is the first of the series, wherein I wake to an unpleasant realization.


FUN FACT: A jumping spider spun its web on the brass headboard of my bed when I was a teenager. Every other variety of spider commonly found in the Great Lakes region creeps me right the hell out, but the jumping spider doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Even so, I probably wouldn’t react well to waking up with one on my forehead.

4 responses to “Spider on My Head: Day 1”

  1. Karen B. Avatar
    Karen B.

    I’m surprisingly not afraid of jumping spiders either. I have also developed an aversion to killing spiders, inside or not.

  2. Keven Avatar

    You had a brass headboard in your youth?!?! Holy whuh…

  3. Jonathan Fritsch Avatar
    Jonathan Fritsch

    These are fantastic. I’m an art teacher in Milwaukee, and I am doing a lesson on phobias. We are making contour line drawings and they will become an A-Z phobia coloring book. I was wondering if I could use your art and highlight you in a presentation. I think the work you’re creating would really inspire my students.

    1. Kris Johnson Avatar

      Jonathan, I reached out to Natalie Metzger, the artist from whom I originally commissioned the “Spider On My Head” series, and she and I are both fine with you using these drawings (and the blog posts, should you so desire) in your presentation. Please be sure to attribute Natalie as the artist. Thank you, and best of luck with your class!

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