Spider on My Head: Day 4


I read once that you are never more than three feet from a spider, which seems entirely plausible in my case but is actually another spider myth. Today’s spider is large enough to pose a real threat…to my sandwich. It’s bad enough that the thing is an eight-legged denizen of my worst nightmares, now I have to worry about it stealing my lunch, too.

Art by Natalie Metzger (AKA, The Fuzzy Slug). Click for the embiggening.


FUN FACT: I don’t eat cold Swiss cheese, so that bit of hole-riddled stuff sticking out of my sandwich is something else entirely.

2 responses to “Spider on My Head: Day 4”

  1. Laura Johnson Avatar
    Laura Johnson

    My favorite detail is the “Self-Clean!” sign above the sink. How did Natalie know about that??!?

  2. Natalie Avatar

    It’s my army of ninja spies… I mean… uh, doesn’t every office break-room have that sign?

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