Spider on My Head: Day 5


I think it’s safe to say that the tenuous link between reality and fantasy has been severed in today’s illustration. I mean, when was the last time Important Stuff—even as an abstract—was discussed in a meeting?

Art by Natalize Metzger (AKA, The Fuzzy Slug). Click for embiggory.


FUN FACT: Spiders are not my Apex Phobia. I believe they rank 3rd, overall. Immediately above spiders: heights. At the very top of the list: losing my glasses. I don’t even know if there’s a proper -phobia name for that.

4 responses to “Spider on My Head: Day 5”

  1. Wesley Avatar


  2. Kris Johnson Avatar

    I see what you did there, Wesley. Probably because I haven’t lost my glasses.

  3. Karen B. Avatar
    Karen B.

    Perhaps it’s time for lasik.

    1. Kris Johnson Avatar

      Given the choice between a spider on my head and a LASER in my eye, I’ll take the spider.

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