URL Alphabet Soup


For no reason whatsoever, I present a list of the websites that Chrome (my web browser of choice) presents when I type in each letter of the alphabet.

A is for Amazon. Probably the site I visit most, whether I’m listening to music on the Cloud Player, shopping for Android apps, renting movies, buying ebooks, or even shopping for actual, physical stuff that will be shipped to me in a box, Amazon is a one-stop shop for emptying my wallet.

B is for Bukkit. Home of CraftBukkit, which is some kinda Minecraft thing.

C is for Concur Solutions. I occasionally use this for expense reporting.

D is for (Google) Drive. The new home of Google Docs, which I use for documents and stuff. You know, spreadsheets.

E is for Wikipedia. I’ve gotten in the habit of typing “en.wikipedia.org” to bypass the Wikipedia landing page and get straight to the English version.

F is for Words With Friends, I mean Facebook. Yeah.

G is for GameServers. The Olde Fartz, my online gaming group, rents Halflife 2 Deathmatch and Minecraft servers here.

H is for HoNoToGroABeMo. How Not To Grow A Beard Month, home of Beards4Boobs, where we are currently (if you’re reading this in November) growing beards and raising money for breast cancer research.

I is for IMDb. I look up information about movies, television shows and actors. A lot. No surprise there.

J is for Google, which means I don’t visit sites that start with J.

K is for Kickstarter. Crowd funding! What have I funded? Project Ninja Panda Taco, Pilgrimage and The Goon, for…starters.

L is for Least I Could Do. Finally, a webcomic! This one isn’t safe for the kiddies. But it’s funny.

M is for (Google) Maps. Because I really don’t trust our old, outdated, off-brand GPS.

N is for Netflix. The last thing I watched: Denjin Zabôgâ: Gekijô-ban.

O is for Onion. America’s finest (satirical) news source.

P is for (Google) Plus. Google does social networking.

Q is for Questionable Content. Another webcomic! Also not safe for the kiddies. Hmm, am I sensing a trend?

R is for Raw Story. A news site, I guess. Really? I’m sure I must have gone there once during the election hubbub, but…really?

S is for Star Wars. Specifically, Star Wars Reads Day, which Kyle and I attended in at the Perry Public Library last month.

T is for (Google) Translate. My dad posts stuff on Facebook in Suomi (Finnish), and if it’s not profanity I need some help with translation.

U is for Upworthy. Some kind of social media/news thing, I guess.

V is for Google, which helpfully suggests Verizon Wireless.

W is for Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library. I’ve entered my library card number enough times that I’ve got in memorized.

X is for Xbox. Because a certain young apprentice might want to play a demo fo the latest LEGO game.

Y is for YouTube. Minecraft tutorials! Gangnam style! Crazy Star Wars-themed music videos!

Z is for Google, which isn’t really surprising, since the only “Z” website I can think of off the top of my head is Zillow, and I’m not in the market for a house.

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  1. Wesley Avatar

    Interesting list. I was going to do this too on my blog (which could probably use some content) but I did the first 3 and they were:

    A is for gmail. Seriously.
    B is for Beards4Boobs. Okay. That seems reasonable.
    C is for Chuys.com. Good restaurant, but I visited their site for the first time ever recently to see where their nearest one is.
    D is for https://www.google.com/reader/view/. Okay I give up.

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