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Audio Novel: Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty

Playing For Keeps

Mur Lafferty’s new audio novel, Playing For Keeps, tells the story of Keepsie Branson, a young woman with a unique ability: nothing she owns can be taken from her against her will. Unfortunately, in a world where superheroes are subsidized by taxpayer dollars, Keepsie doesn’t quite make the grade; she’s just not powerful enough to be officially sanctioned as a full-fledged hero. Denied the opportunity to use her ability for the betterment of humanity, Keepsie has opened a bar across the street from the Academy, the home base of Seventy City’s A-List superheroes. Keepsie’s Bar is a popular watering hole where Third Wavers—people like Keepsie, whose powers have been designated useless by the elitist metahuman snobs at the Academy—gather to commiserate.

Despite being shunned by the Academy, Keepsie and her friends find themselves swept up in the action as the criminal mastermind known as Doodad brings his latest evil plan to bear on Seventh City. Keepsie finds herself in possession of a strange object that both heroes and villains want, and suddenly her power doesn’t seem so insignificant anymore. Neither side can take the object without her permission, and now Keepsie finds herself in a position to help the heroes she despises…or the villains who just might destroy everything she loves.

The first chapter in this unconventional superhero tale is already available at the official Playing For Keeps website and a new chapter will be published each week. While you’re there, read the official PFK blog, listen to promos, download wallpaper and Twitter icons, and more!

Stories of the Third Wave

But wait, there’s more! To enhance the Playing For Keeps experience, Mur has enlisted the help of some very talented people and created Stories of the Third Wave, snippets of radio broadcasts from Seventh City. Tune in for morning drive-time radio, the evening news, interviews, talk radio and more! Subscribe to The Playing For Keeps Experience to receive the audio novel, the Stories of the Third Wave segments, and a PDF of each chapter that you can read on your PC.

Go to the website. Subscribe to the feed. Join the next wave of serial audio excitement!

Saying Goodbye to The Round Table

If you’re a regular listener to The Round Table podcast, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we haven’t been releasing new episodes on anything that could be called a “schedule” for several months now. Mick Bradley turned the reigns of the show over to Chris Miller and I, and we (with the help of Mr. Bradley and a number of other very talented people) released what I consider to be two very good episodes: An Introduction to Story Games and British vs. American Television. We (and by “we” I mean “Chris”) had a couple of other episodes planned, but never got around to actually organizing guest appearances and sitting down in front of the microphones to record.

Yesterday, we at The House of the Harping Monkey decided it was time to throw in the towel and admit that we just didn’t have the time or energy to do the show anymore. Conflicting obligations and a host of other projects (professional and personal) demanded a lot of that time and energy and something had to give eventually. We agreed that, for better or for worse, The Round Table (and also, unfortunately, Misfit Brew) should come to an end.

We’re getting together tonight to record one final episode, rather than just letting the show fizzle and podfade without an official send off. I’m not sure how long the show will be or what we’ll talk about other than retiring The Round Table, but we all felt it would be best to do one more show and let anyone still subscribed know that there won’t be any more.

Pseudopod 060: The Heart of Tu’a Halaita by Tara Kolden

Pseudopod: the sound of horror

The latest episode of the horror podcast Pseudopod was released about an hour ago as I write this. The story this episode is “The Heart of Tu’a Halaita“, written by Tara Kolden and narrated by yours truly. It’s the story of a missionary who learns a hard lesson about the dangers of letting pride dictate his actions. I’m all about learning lessons the hard way, but not when the natives are restless…and their god is hungry.

Podcast: Volcanicast for the week ending 06 October 2007

VolcanicastIf you’ve ever gazed into the night sky pondering the mysteries of the universe and wondering whether man’s presence in that great expansive void is due to sheer chance and lucky scientific coincidence or the guiding hand of an all-seeing, all-knowing overbeing, the Volcanicast isn’t going to do jack to help you. On the other hand, if you’ve ever gazed into the liquid crystal display of your laptop and wondered what the hell people are searching for on The Google, Volcanicast is right up your shallow alley!

This week’s topics: The Cleveland Indians ally with Canada to defeat the damn Yankees, Big Moe is a Big Jerk, Sputnik is golden, when backslashes roamed the Earth, fun with fifth graders and uh-oh! Friday is your day in the barrel!

Podcast: Volcanicast for the week ending 29 September 2007

VolcanicastAh, yes, it’s another episode of the show that delves into the murky depths of Google trends and presents the hottest search terms for the past seven days. This week: reality TV, reality TV and more reality TV, Kenya again, Brazilian models without freckles, and your nose (it always knows!).

Volcanicast is for mature audiences, and I mean it this time. Seriously, it’s the most offensive episode ever.

Podcast: Volcanicast presents Tangentcast #1

VolcanicastI’ve heard rumors that a bonus episode of Volcanicast has found its way onto these very Internets. The episode is comprised entirely of tangents, rare conversational digressions that we explored while discussing the most popular Google search terms of the past week.

During post-production, our stalwart editor opted to omit these nuggets of off-topic banter in order to trim the show from its original recorded length of nearly three hours to just over two. Recognizing that relegating these tasty tidbits to the trash would constitute a terrible travesty—and perhaps just a little gun-shy about deleting audio after an unfortunate keystroke led to the recent destruction of an entire episode—said editor has assembled a bonus “Tangentcast” and released it for your listening pleasure.

If you’re subscribed to the Volcanicast, your podcatcher has almost certainly ensnared this bonus episode and is patiently holding it for you. If you are not subscribed, you should add the feed to your favorite podcatcher and try not to salivate with anticipation during the download.

If you are the type who shuns catchers of pod, you can either visit the Volcanicast site and listen with the embedded player or download the episode directly. The point is that we want to make listening to the show easy and enjoyable for everyone; we care that much.

Podcast: Volcanicast for the week ending 22 September 2007

Volcanicast is the show where hosts Wesley, Bob and yours truly discuss the most popular Google search terms of the past week. The Internets were very curious about a lot of stuff over the past week, resulting in our longest show to date.

This week: the environment, the economy, lawyers who shouldn’t sue us, elaborate suicide methods (successful and otherwise), bad Irish accents, and the quiet time between intimate moments.

Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences, but we listen to it anyway.

Podcast: Volcanicast for week ending 25 August 2007

If you’re curious about what people have been searching for on the Google, you should visit Google’s hot trends website. If you want to hear three guys talking about what people have been searching for, you should listen to Volcanicast. It’s just that simple.

This week: (Donkey) Kong, the 8,328th Wonder of the World; yes, we call this archaeology; Lifetime, Television for Women; supermersibles and Weekend at Fidel’s.

Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences. Because diplomacy is what we wrap our bombs in.

Podcast: Volcanicast for week ending 17 August 2007

Due to an unfortunate technical snag, there is no evidence that Wesley, Bob, Chris and I gathered in Planet Retcon Radio Studio 1C for three long, arduous and, yes, heartbreaking hours last night to discuss the volcanic Google searches for the past week.

It might have been (with the aid of extensive editing and a Sherpa guide) the best episode of Volcanicast ever almost committed to ones and zeros. Alas, the world will never know.

On the bright side, we probably won’t be sued by PURE.This week.

I think it’s safe to say that a valuable lesson has been learned.

Just not by me.

Podcasts: A Volcanicast Twofer for the weeks ending 04 August and 11 August 2007

Volcanicast is a weekly roundup of the search terms Google ranks “Volcanic” on their trends site. We don’t guarantee that our discussion of the search terms will be informative, insightful or even intelligent, but we do guarantee that we’ll at least mention each of the “Volcanic” terms on a given day.

If you haven’t checked out last week’s episode (because I forgot to announce it), there’s a download link below. Chris Miller and I were unable to co-host, but Bob and Wesley brought in a very special guest host: Alaska senator Ted “A series of tubes” Stevens! Topics covered included Winnie Cooper, the unfortunate passing of radio host Tom Snyder, ice cubes you won’t find in your freezer, and the usual roundup of song lyric game shows and other natural disasters.

In this week’s show, we’re at full power again. That’s right, the Fantastic Four are back in front of the microphones with seven days of scintillating search terms! On deck this week: 50-foot free falls, Denzel Washington, pin-up girls, pharmaceutically-assisted home runs, teachers in space and four grown men drooling over Anne Hathaway.

Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences. Because mommy and daddy use bad language when they fight.