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  • TVstuff: No Journeyman for me?


    The cast of Journeyman
    I finally got around to setting up the new Season Passes on the TiVo last night and it appears that I won’t be watching Journeyman after all. Seems some bonehead decided to schedule it at the same time as two shows we’re already recording: House and Eureka. I could cancel the Season Pass for House…if I want to spend autumn sleeping under the deck; it’s one of Laura’s shows (okay, I watch it, too) and it’s hardly fair to ask her to sacrifice something so consistently good for Journeyman, which is definitely an unknown quantity right now.

    Ditto for Eureka. I’m probably in the definite minority when I say Eureka is the best series SciFi has right now, even better than Battlestar Galactica. 1I like Battlestar Galactica and all, but to paraphrase Sam Chupp, I need to get a prescription for Zoloft before I watch it. Knowing SciFi, the Eureka season finale is probably two or three weeks away, at which point I may be able to replace it with Journeyman (assuming the latter hasn’t been canceled by then).

    Journeyman centers around San Francisco newspaper reporter Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd), who inexplicably begins to travel through time. 2I hate it when that happens. Like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap, Vasser is able to change people’s lives when he is out-of-time; unlike Beckett, Vasser regularly returns to his own time. In the course of his temporal wandering, Dan is reunited with his former fiance, Livia (Moon Bloodgood 3Yes, really. Best. Name. Ever.), which could complicate things with his real-time wife, Katie (Gretchen Egolf).

    Sounds like it could be interesting. Perhaps it’s time for me to break down and finally make use of the sub-etha antennaKudos to again to Sam Chupp. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen to The Round Table’s discussion of British vs. American televisions. that I’ve successfully avoided since upgrading the IHoJ to broadband. Hell, I’d be willing to pay two bucks to download the Journeyman premiere from iTunes, if only NBC hadn’t decided to pull the plug on their deal with Apple. Or maybe NBC will have their new series available for free on their new on-demand video site, Hulu, but I’ve got to believe that any flavor of “free” on Hulu is going to come with strings attached.

    1 I like Battlestar Galactica and all, but to paraphrase Sam Chupp, I need to get a prescription for Zoloft before I watch it.
    2 I hate it when that happens.
    3 Yes, really. Best. Name. Ever.
  • The Boob Tube: What I’m Watching


    Time to talk about the idiot box for a little while. Why? Because I said so.

    You may or may not recall that I picked a few new shows out of the fall lineup that looked like they might be interesting: Invasion, Night Stalker, Surface and Threshold. Two of the shows, Night Stalker and Threshold, bit the dust early in the season. I was sorry to see Threshold go, because it was actually getting pretty good. Night Stalker wasn’t great, but the last episode aired was the first in a two-part story, and I would have liked to see the resolution.

    Surface had a good start, but it kind of lagged in the middle of the season. The few episodes leading up to the season finale really kicked the story into high gear, and the finale itself was pretty damn good (save for two things that I have filed under “Not Bloody Likely”). Rumor has it that NBC is waffling about whether or not to pick the series up for another season and a final decision won’t be made until May. I’m guessing that time frame might have something to do with DVD sales, but I could be wrong.

    Last on the “new stuff” list is Invasion, which has recently begun to get interesting. Unfortunately, ABC has apparently decided to put the show on a six week “hiatus,” during which they’ll quietly cancel it. Invasion, like Surface, seemed to be stalling in mid-season. Though one could argue that the story was making progress, it didn’t seem like creator Shaun Cassidy and company were especially eager to reveal anything significant about the alien invaders, and that’s very frustrating. While Surface has pulled the curtain back on some of its mysteries, Invasion is almost as inscrutable as it was in the first episode. Still, I’m interested enough that I don’t want to see it cancelled.

    I’ve also been watching the second seasons of Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Since Laura and I both watch Lost, I try not to watch it unless she can sit and watch it with me. As a result, we’ve got about five unwatched episodes on the TiVo right now.

    Timing aside, there’s another reason I haven’t been eager to keep up with Lost: Michelle Rodriguez. I hated Michelle Rodriguez’s character in Resident Evil, and she plays the same damn character in Lost. The main difference between the two roles is that she hasn’t been killed by zombies in Lost, but there’s always next episode, right?

    Last but not least, we’ve got Battlestar Galactica, which is the best thing on SciFi. That’s not saying a lot, but it really is a good show. For the most part. See, season 2.0 ended with a cliffhanger after the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus stumbled upon one another and Admiral Cain (Michell Forbes) assumed control of the Colonial fleet, as she outranked Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos). Cain’s hard-line, cutthroat command style didn’t sit well with Adama or the ailing President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell). The conflict between the characters set up a very explosive situation, and season 2.0 ended on a cliffhanger. Season 2.5 resolved the cliffhanger over two episodes, but rather than force Adama and Cain to resolve the conflict themselves (either by diplomacy or force), Galactica‘s writers opted to simply remove Cain from the picture. It was an incredibly weak, clumsy resolution to a very intense conflict, and I was terribly disappointed.

    All done. I guess I won’t feel compelled to talk about the teevee for another six months or so, by which time all I’ll be watching is Baby Einstein and The Wiggles. Stay tuned!

  • The end is the beginning is the end.


    When you hear people wax poetic about how their TiVoOr other, inferior DVR. has changed the way they watch television, you may want to scoff. I mean, what’s the big deal, right? It’s frickin’ teevee for God’s sake! The thing isn’t the second coming of the Messiah, it’s an over-priced, over-hyped, fancypants VCR! Get a life already!

    Yeah. Okay. You need to shut up. Seriously. Until you’ve got one, you couldn’t possibly understand. You’ve never been there!

    TiVo served up some tasty, tasty viewing victuals for me to watch over the weekend.

    LOST season premiere
    Ah, we love the LOST. The season premiere was a fairly strong start, although I was a bit disappointed with how the “surprise” at the end of the episode was entirely unsurprising. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was pretty much telegraphed in one of the flashback sequences.

    Battlestar Galactica season finale
    Very nice cliffhanger to wrap up the season, and it shows just how much the younger and elder Adamas are alike. The new season begins in January, which is about three months sooner than I expected.

    Path of Destruction
    Okay, I haven’t actually watched this yet. On the one hand, it’s a movie that was on the Sci-Fi Channel at 8:00 Saturday evening. On the other hand, Danika McKellar is not hard to look at.

    Grey’s Anatomy season premiere
    This wasn’t actually on the TiVo, and I really don’t know why I watched it. Laura had just finished watching the season premiere of Dangerous Housewives and wandered off in search of something on the Internet. The show was on and I don’t mind looking at Sandra Oh, so I watched it and played XIII during the commercial breaks. It seems like a cross between ER and Scrubs.

    Also, last week’s Threshold, which was better than expected, and a couple episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from last week. I like sitting down for an hour and a half and watching an entire week’s worth of The Daily Show. It’s like mainlining Funny.

    Still to come: Last night’s episode of Surface. Oh, and I still haven’t watched Collateral, which has been sitting there for at least two months.