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Tuesday Bullets

  • Laura and I attended the October gathering of the Cleveland-area NaNoWriMo group Thursday evening. This is the first of two meetings to ramp-up for November, when we’ll both be cranking out 50,000 words. There were about twenty people in attendance, including Chris “Codeshaman” Miller (Unquiet Desperation, Podiobooks), Blob and Yotto.
  • Laura and I put the border up in the baby’s room Saturday afternoon. The room (which we painted blue immediately after we moved into the house) is going to be a combination nursery/guest bedroom, so long as our guests don’t mind sleeping amidst the pattern of fluffy clouds, smiling suns and moons.
  • I did not watch either of the Living Dead movies that premiered on the SciFi Channel Saturday night. I just wasn’t in the mood for zombie movies.
  • I didn’t manage to wrap up Splinter Cell, either. Sam Fisher’s assault on the Georgian Presidential palace goes well right up until he hops on that blasted elevator; then everything goes straight to hell.
  • Laura’s father had quadruple-bypass surgery on Wednesday and is doing quite well. We visited him at the Cleveland Clinic Sunday afternoon. He’s being released today, which is surprising, as he was originally slated to stay in the hospital for no less than eleven days.
  • Laura made soup for dinner last night. It was very similar to the Tuscana soup they serve over at The Olive Garden. Very, very tasty. I loves me some Italian sausage.
  • I’m working on a new, 3-column layout for the main page. I’d link to a preview, but I managed to completely hose the element positioning while experimenting earlier today. I plan on adding a lot of stuff to the sidebar(s) in the near future. The Blogroll is active as of this morning on the current layout.

I’m Free!

My LiveJournal paid account expired yesterday, and despite multiple attempts to pay for another year, I was unsuccessful. When I tried via Firefox, the payment page wouldn’t load. When I tried via Internet Explorer, there were issues with accepting my credit and debit cards. I don’t know if the payments page is broken or if my money is broken. Either, way, I’m wallowing in the land of unpaid accounts today.

In other news, there are rumors that LiveJournal will soon be purchased by Six Apart, the same company that owns TypePad and Moveable Type (the latter of which I installed on my website, but have since abandoned in favor of WordPress).

I installed WordPress yesterday, and I’m quite pleased with it so far. I even imported a couple of LiveJournal entries (though there was some tweaking involved to get the formatting right). That’s right, for no reason other than curiosity, I’ve begun maintaining two blogs. My dork is definitely showing.

The Naughties: Now Starting Their Fifth Fabulous Year!

New Years Eve dinner was at a fondue restaurant called Potpourri. Everything was quite yummy, and we all smelled like we’d been deep-fried when we left. Laura polished off most of a bottle of Chloe Sevigny Cabernet Sauvignon by herself, and was a wee bit on the tipsy side. Her condition was upgraded to Downright Drunk after we got home and she drank a strawberry daiquiri. There was a bit of channel surfing and we wound up watching part of an episode of South Park before switching to the ball drop. Afterward, I was very tired, and there was a lot of talking going on, so I didn’t really absorb much of Jabberwocky. I’ll have to watch it sometime this week.

Buried Blueprints: Camelot
It’s a puzzle I’ve had for probably six years, and quite possibly even longer. My every attempt to assemble this puzzle has been thwarted in some way until very early Sunday morning. Taking advantage of my new roll-up puzzle caddy, Laura and I began assembling the puzzle on Saturday afternoon. When it came time to leave for the movie, we rolled the thing up so the cats couldn’t get into it. After the movie and dinner, we came back home and finished assembling the thing. It took rather a long time, and we didn’t get to bed until nearly 5:00am. Methinks I’ll swing by the Great Lakes Mall to see if the puzzle place is still there. I need puzzle glue and a new puzzle.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
I own and have read the first two books (The Bad Beginning and The Reptile Room) upon which the movie is based. I have yet to pick up the third (The Wide Window), but will likely do so very soon. The books are incredibly, horrifically funny. The movie adaptation is a reasonable effort, but doesn’t quite capture the feel of the books. It’s not a problem with the cast (good performances all around) or visuals (very pretty), but rather with the script and editing. Overall, the movie tripped over itself in the process of cramming three (admittedly short) stories into 108 minutes. On more than one occasion, characters casually mentioned some name or event in such a manner that it seemed the audience ought to have heard about it before.

1,023 Songs
I’m using roughly 20% of the capacity of my iPod. I’d guess that roughly one-fifth of that is Christmas music. I’m thinking about deleting all of the holiday tunes, though. Not because I’m worried about disk space, but because I don’t want “O Tannenbaum” coming up when I use the Shuffle Songs mode in July. I have more than enough music at home to fill up the iPod, but my computer time is torn between ripping CDs and playing City of Heroes.

Every (Work)Day
“If I check your [blog] every day, I’m going to expect you to write in it every day.” That’s what Laura said. So, I’m going to try to update once a day, Monday through Friday, whether I have anything to say or not (call it a New Years Resolution, if you must). And, honestly, not having anything to say has never stopped me from posting before.