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    Recently added to my DVD collection:

    Daredevil: Director’s CutDaredevil: The Director’s Cut

    I wasn’t aware that there was a director’s cut of Daredevil until I saw it in the used bin at GameStop. Though it certainly doesn’t measure up to some other recent superhero movies (Spider-Man, X-Men), I’m comfortable saying that Daredevil is still leaps and bounds better than some of the stuff we’ve seen in the darker past (Captain America), not to mention the horrid television version of the Man Without Fear that some of us remember from The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, which featured Rex Smith (who’s he?) as Matt Murdock/Daredevil and John “Sallah” Rhys-Davies as The Kingpin.

    The ShadowThe Shadow

    The Shadow and The Phantom (starring Billy Zane) top my list of underappreciated superhero movies. Next to his turn as Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October, this is my favorite Alec Baldwin performance to date. Baldwin’s voice is excellent and the special effects that transform Lamont Cranston into The Shadow are top-notch. Throw in folks like John Lone, Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Curry, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellan (yes, that Ian McKellan) and you’ve got a fantastic, fun popcorn movie.

    Tetris and Star Wars: Clone WarsI also picked up a used copy of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Tetris Worlds disc that used to be included in the Xbox system bundle. GameStop was selling this for $8.99 used, but their sticker price on a used copy of the standalone version of The Clone Wars is $12.99. Go figure.

    In other news, Bob is turning into a damn cycling nut. Not only did he ride our route again Sunday, but he alleges to have ridden six miles this morning, too. And me? I planned to go out for a while yesterday evening but wimped out. I need to see if I can fix the head and tail lights that Laura bought me. They no workee, and I don’t want to cycle after dark (when it’s no longer 90+ degrees) without ’em.

  • This is the way we roll…


    Bob and I hit the concrete trail once again Saturday morning. We fared a bit better on our second outing, increasing our round trip to 10.3 miles.

    At one point, we stopped by the side of the trail for some water (yes, I remembered my bottle this time) and were passed by an elderly fellow who was out for a late morning walk. We passed him quickly after resuming our ride and cruised over a nice bit of the trail that was mostly level with a bit of a downhill grade. Bob pulled away from me and managed to get a good bit ahead. When I caught up, he hadn’t quite managed to dismount fast enough to look as though he’d been patiently waiting on the bench at the side of the trail.

    I guzzled down much of my water and lamented about the heat, humidity and my general out-of-shapeness. “Oh, shit,” Bob said after a few minutes. “We’ve gotta go.”

    The old man was rounding the corner, and for two strapping young cyclists such as ourselves to be twice overtaken by a walking senior citizen would simply not do. So off like a flash we went, and didn’t see the old man again until we were well into our return journey.

    Our total ride time was just over an hour, according to my Schwinn SC-8 bicycle computer, but we were gone for closer to two hours. The computer doesn’t keep track of rest stops.

    Bob, I’m told, cycled the route again today. Curses! Now I suppose I’ll need to find a nice 10-mile circuit starting from the house so that I don’t fall behind.